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While doing a little research on some of my favorite haunts this morning, I ran across stories about Riverdale Road. I thought it would be fun to share some of the claims about this stretch of pavement. I personally think the stories are all Urban Legends. I have driven the road late at night many times myself and never heard or saw anything.

Riverdale Road is located in Thornton, Colorado and is easily accessed from 104th. It runs along the edge of a couple of subdivisions, but is mostly in a rural area. Twisted Cottonwood trees stand along the edges of Riverdale like deformed sentries.  The road has several blind curves that are unsafe in bad weather. Riverdale Road is allegedly the home to one of Hell’s Gates, a phantom Camaro with one headlight out, ghosts of slaves, remnants of black magic and witchcraft, a ghost lady, phantom black dogs, ghost children, and the jogger of Jogger’s Hill.

Jogger’s Hill – Dirt Road just off Riverdale Road, although I think it has been developed.

The story says a car hit a jogger on a dirt road at the crest of the hill. The driver panicked and sped off and left the jogger to die. The jogger’s ghost haunts the area and tries to attack any motorist who parks at the crest of the hill to admire the view. If you want to see the jogger, you are supposed to park at the top of the hill late at night and turn off your headlights and engine. If you listen carefully,  you will hear the sound of someone running on the road somewhere behind your car. They will continue to come closer and closer. People have reported handprints on their windows, and banging noises on the sides and back of the car like someone is hitting or kicking it. You aren’t supposed to let the jogger come up to the driver side window or he will try to kill you, at least that’s how the legend goes.

Hell’s Gates – I’m still not entirely sure where this is located exactly since the story varies from person to person.

The Gates of Hell are supposedly along Riverdale Road. It is said unspeakable things happen there. I’m not so sure about this story, especially since some people say the Gates of Hell is actually a chicken coop. I’m not so sure chicken wire and eggs are the work of the Devil.

Phantom Camaro

The story says a black 70s Camaro wrecked along Riverdale Road back in the 70s. The driver perished in the wreckage, but his ghost remains. If you are driving late at night and come across a black Camaro with a headlight out, don’t, under any circumstances, race it! You will race to your death! This one sounds more like a cautionary tale about street racing if you ask me.

Ghost Lady

The ghost lady is supposed to appear alongside Riverdale Road dressed in white. If you stop to offer her a ride, she will accept, but disappear before she ever gets in the car.

Ghosts of Slaves

Allegedly, slaves in the area were tortured, abused and hanged on the farms surrounding Riverdale Road in the 1800s. If you look closely, you can see the bodies of the hanged slaves in the trees as you drive down the road. There are no records of slavery or abuse of slaves in the area that I have found.

As you can see, Riverdale Road is rich with local legends, and it can be a fun and spooky ride. I think the legends are just that; legends. I don’t think there is any real truth to any of the stories, but I will let you be the judge. Do you think Riverdale Road is really haunted?

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  2. See I always heard riverdale road was haunted because a school bus full of kids crashed there sometime in the 70’s. if you park your car and turn everything off. The kids will put hand prints on your car and you can hear screaming. Lol all urban legends if you ask me 🙂

  3. Unfortunately Riverdale isn’t as spooky as it used to be. There’s a lot of developments going on around there, new roads, and more traffic. Back in the day Riverdale was more remote, dark and creepy. It was the thing to do as a teenager to go driving on Riverdale late at night. I can’t say I ever saw anything like mentioned above, but it definitely is a creepy place so I can see why stories formed around the area. I did see a very severe accident on Riverdale once involving a tree. It looked like the wreckage had been left there for a few days, and I’d be surprised if the person survived.

  4. Back in about 2008, a few friends and i went & parked on jogger’s hill with the windows down. I was in the front passenger seat. we heard a LOUD heartbeat and footsteps getting closer, I couldn’t move my arm that was on the door or talk & something moved the side view mirror. Last Summer, 2012 my two cousins, my brother and I went up there. Our uncle lives in the house who’s front gate is considered “hell’s gate” immediately after we passed his house, there was a car getting ready to turn, we drove passed it and then it turned behind us. about 30 seconds later, it completely disappeared. we thought it turned off the road. about 3 minutes later, it was about a foot behind our bumper with it’s brights on. we sped at 70mph down riverdale, and it didn’t stop chasing us until a car passed us in the opposite direction. & at that point, it disappeared.

  5. Just recently seen an alligator type subject, September 29th around 1am along Riverdale Road. Appeared as the body shape of an alligator, with 4 legs, appeared to have fur, had hooves, and no head motion from left to right, just straight, moved slowly. Not really sure about giving the location of this sighting, as it crosses the property of a resident, where I think it lives. In 1999 a friend and I seen a similar type of subject, about 800 feet from the intersection of 104th and Riverdale, headed north, at the slight turn, it sat in the middle of the road, on the yellow lines, about 5 feet tall sitting, no fur, gray in color, a mouth that was about 14 inches across, appeared to have no eyes, did not move or try to run, we passed it going about 22 miles an hour, didn’t even look back, it was quite shocking, we both had chills, because we both knew it wasn’t a deer, a dog, or any other type of wild animal. I know of some very high activity spots on Riverdale, and if your lucky, depending on the night, anybody can see or hear something that is not quite the norm!

  6. Back in 94 my friends and I went into the chicken coops many times. They were 5 very large round buildings all connected by a tunnel system.The cages were long ago torn out and it was obvious there had been a fire. Inside there was lots od demonic looking graffiti and often times we found headless animals mostly birds laying on the concrete pylons in the center of the buildings. Always felt spooky there. In the tunnels you would often hear footsteps behind you even when standing still. Had a lot of fun exploring there. Last time we went there the owner was home without his car and came out of the trailer shooting, lucky for us his dog took him after some deer in the wrong direction. Haven’t been back since but I hear the complex was torn down.

  7. Forgot to mention the heartbeat sounds people hear out there we debunked as the oil pumps out there. They sound just like a heartbeat on a clear quiet night.

  8. About 15 years ago my aunt and uncle went fishing and never caught anything a Riverdale. but one day they caught 29 fish and heard a baby crying. they followed the cry which lead them to under the bridge they found an abandon baby. my aunt picked it up and it smiled at her. it had a full mouth of adult teeth.

  9. Go there alot. Just random like. Tonight 1/3/14. We turned down the road where mcantosh farm sign is. And sweet a phantom black dog. Just before that heard steps. Around the vehicle. The thing is a person first thought is that’s a dog. No that wasn’t ours! We both felt instant terror the way it slowly walked up than just stopped anf staired at us.. anyone seen this?

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