Heritage Square

Heritage Square, located in Golden, is a neat shopping village/amusement park designed for families. It’s the home of the Alpine Slide and the Heritage Square Music Hall. It may also be home to a ghost or two. There doesn’t seem to be much solid evidence to suggest a haunting, but there are many stories.

Star Crossed Lovers

The most popular story is of a young man falling in love with a Native American girl. Her tribe passed through the area and the man fell instantly in love. Tribe elders forbid the girl from seeing the young man. The story comes to its tragic end when the young man chases after the tribe in a horse-drawn wagon, and ends up dying. It is unknown whether his death was an accident, or if the story has a more sinister ending. People report hearing the sound of galloping hoofbeats and hearing a male’s voice yelling for someone to wait.

Orbs and EVPs

One of my favorite local paranormal groups investigated Heritage Square years ago (early 2000s maybe?) and used to have their findings of their investigations posted on their website. Unfortunately, they have overhauled their site and all the evidence of their old investigations was removed. I remember them having a few cool orb pictures and one disturbing EVP. It sounded like a little boy. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

Spider Mansion

While you may not be able to catch a real ghost out at Heritage Square, you can definitely get scared. Spider Mansion is the haunted house open every October on the property. It’s not the most chilling haunted house out there, but it’s not shabby.

Final Thoughts

I believe there may be some sort of paranormal activity at Heritage Square, but I don’t necessarily believe the Native American/pioneer love story. It stinks of an urban legend to me. What do you think?

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