Isn’t Halloween Over?

I don’t think whatever lurks in my home got the message. Halloween is over! Pack it in! Go home! Go where ever it is you belong until next year!

I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up wandering the house at 1:30 AM after watching Bill Maher. (See, I wasn’t even watching anything scary!) The house was dark except for the night lights in the kids’ rooms. I didn’t turn any lights on, so there wasn’t a source of light to throw any shadows. I saw shadows anyway. Two of them to be exact. One in the dining room and one in the living room. They had the outline of a head an shoulders, but kind of faded away where there were supposed to be feet. I really need to carry my camera around all the time, so I can catch evidence of the little buggers.

They aren’t frightening or aggressive, just there. Have you seen shadow people before? What do you think of them?

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3 thoughts on “Isn’t Halloween Over?

  1. Actually, I have—my first paranormal encounter, when I was 4. I saw a blacker-than-black clad man walk past the end of the bed. Being four, I thought he looked like Spiderman, only all black. I tried to wake my mom, who was asleep next to me (it was my parents’ room), but she wouldn’t wake up. The shadow person then disappeared.

    I’ve seen them on at least one other occasion, four of them in a park at night, when I was with my sister and my best friend. The figures didn’t move, didn’t breathe, nothing. Just sat or stood motionless, creeping us the heck out.

    I’m now incorporating them into my NaNoNovel for this year, Paradigm Swift. (working title)

    AGoldenQuill, aka Karen R. Thorne

    • I think they are the most disturbing when they’re just…there. Not moving or anything else. Good luck with your novel! I need to get back to work on mine. 😉

  2. I’ve encountered Shadows that wanted to harm and Shadows that were benign. I even encountered a Shadow once that was,..well helpful in a creepy way. The short of that story is, i was working on my car, replacing a fender on the passenger side when I reached for a tool that wasn’t were I thought it was. I remembered it was missing since before I started my work and began looking for it. I checked my pockets, other tool pages, other tool cases, the kitchen. Nope I just couldn’t find it. I returned to work on the car figuring I could work without it and 5minutes into that I noticed a shadow where none should be out in the drive way. I would say it was about 6ft in height where I saw the head. The moment I focused my eyes on it the shadow faded. Then I noticed in one of my jean pockets that was pressed again the fender of the car that something was there that wasn’t there before. Low and behold it was the very tool i was looking for, stuffed in the pocket of my jeans. If you’re wondering it was a set of pliers, with a weight of maybe under 2lbs. The jeans were some old wranglers I had. Remember I did say I checked my pockets before anything else when i was searching.

    I ended that little encounter by thanking the “Shadow” like a friend had found it for me and went back to work. I never saw it again while I lived there.

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