Big Foot?

With the Ogopogo video making the rounds on the web right now, I was inspired to share a “monster sighting” story.

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This story happened in the late 80s near Ruedi Reservoir located near Basalt, Colorado.

While on a camping trip, the story-teller (he wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll just call him Bob) was out on a hike with family and friends. The hiked through the woods surrounding the reservoir as dusk neared. A rock flew through the trees as if it was thrown. “Bob” and family didn’t see anyone around. There weren’t even very many people camping at the reservoir. It was as alone as one can get on a camping trip here in Colorado without going off the beaten path into the back country.

While they peered into the trees trying to find the source of the tossed rock, one of “Bob’s” family members saw what he thought was a large animal running away. It was bigger than your average person and moved on two feet instead of four. It looked like it had long red fur.

When I first heard this story, I couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed way too ridiculous to be true. The sincerity of “Bob” while he told the story got to me though. He is a trusted source of information, so while I don’t believe he saw Big Foot I think he saw something that day.

What are your thoughts on Big Foot? Is it a monster, or maybe an animal that hasn’t been classified yet? Fodder for paranormal enthusiasts, or something better let for Cryptozoologists?


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