Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum

Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum on Lookout Mountain in Golden is steeped in ghost stories. Some say Buffalo Bill himself haunts the area. Specifically, a cowboy resembling Buffalo Bill has been seen in the gift shop. I have been to the gift shop countless times (I grew up in the area) and have never seen the specter myself.


There is a story of a woman who fell and died on the grounds surrounding the grave and museum. I am not sure when the story started, or if there is any basis of truth to it, but the ghost of a woman can be seen in the area. This one stinks of urban legend like the lady in white from Riverdale Road.

People say souvenirs fall or fly off the shelves in the gift shop. Once again, this isn’t something I have personally witnessed. I can say that the shop doesn’t feel level in some places, and may give off the fun house feeling. Patrons may accidentally bump the merchandise and knock it down themselves.

I think the main reason Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum gives off that creepy feeling is due to the cell towers and things on the mountain. There are reported high EMF fields, which anyone who watches Ghost Hunters knows can cause a variety of side effects including disorientation, the feeling of something watching you, dizziness, and even hallucinations depending on how sensitive you are.

While Lookout Mountain may or may not be haunted, it is a great place to visit. The views are spectacular, and it’s a great place to, ahem, park if you get my meaning. There are also some neat hiking trails in the area, and it’s a fun escape from the city without having to wander too far.

Bottom line: I don’t believe Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum is haunted, but it does make for some cool ghost stories. What do you think? Haunted or not?

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2 thoughts on “Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum

  1. This past August, I visited Buffalo Bill’s grave with my mother and husband for my birthday. Since Buffalo Bill is one of my favorite people in American history, I was very excited finally go and see his grave. My husband took my photo standing next to the grave. In the picture, you can clearly see a rod of yellow light next to me, above my head. When we looked at the photo larger, it appears to resemble the handle of Buffalo Bill’s ceremonial sword. We showed the picture to the employees and they were blown away! It was definitely not a shadow or reflection. If it really is an apparition, I am honored that Buffalo Bill would have stood next to me for a birthday photo! I’m not sure how to upload the picture to this page, but it is on the museum’s Facebook page or I would be happy to email it to anyone who wants to check it out.

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