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Now here is a strange ghost story for you. Why? It involves my parents. They live at the house mentioned in other posts on this site where shadow people and other things have been seen. This event happened about a month ago.

My parents were in bed sleeping. It was a normal night. My Dad had work in the morning, so there were no late night antics, or drinking involved. Right around 4 am, my Mom awoke with a start. She heard a male voice speaking. She couldn’t make out what the voice was saying. It was abruptly cut off like it was a TV someone turned off (it wasn’t.)  The noise woke my Dad up as well. My Mom told my Dad what she heard, and he got out of bed to investigate. He opened the bedroom door and looked down the hallway.

The voice didn’t return, but both my parents heard footsteps moving back and forth in the main part of the house. My Dad didn’t see anyone or anything moving around.

The fact my Dad heard something makes this story creepy. He is one of those firmly based in reality kind of guys. The rest of us have seen things around that house, but my Dad hasn’t experienced anything until this particular event. I’ll be interested to hear what happens next.

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