UFO Sighting?

Do you believe we’re not alone? Is there something else out there?

This story comes from a friend of mine. This friend witnessed the event in Lakewood, CO on October 11, 2012 late afternoon/early evening.

My friend told me she and her significant other were hanging out outside when they saw something weird in the sky. It had lights on it, but they didn’t blink like the lights of a plane. It hovered for a few moments. She didn’t notice any sound coming from the object.

My friend then said a pair of airplanes (not sure what kind) flew toward the object. The airplanes matched and looked like they were chasing the object. Suddenly, the object took off and disappeared. The planes tried to follow the object, but I don’t think they found anything.

While my friend believes in ghosts, she has never been one to believe in little green men from Mars, nor does she buy into crazy conspiracy theories. She is definitely not from the tin-foil hat crowd. I’m not sure how I feel about UFOs, but I know my friend isn’t making up what she saw.

What do you think? Visitors from another planet? Weather balloon? Trick of the light, or something else all together? Let me know in the comments.


A local news station did a story on UFO activity, complete with footage. Check it out here. What do you think?

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