Crying Woman of Starkville

This is a story told to me by a very nice nurse at Children’s Hospital and is re-told here with her permission.

The story takes place in Starkville, a tiny town south of Trinidad, many years ago. The nurse’s grandparents lived in a two bedroom house on a piece of land that included a ravine. As a girl, the nurse spent lots of time at the house. Everything was great during these visits, except one thing: The crying woman.

They would hear the sobs of a woman almost nightly. It seemed to circle back and forth across the ravine, as if the woman paced while crying. The nurse said it raised the hair on the back of your neck to hear the cries. To her, they sounded desolate and full of pain.

Everybody in the family heard the woman, but nobody ever saw her. I can’t find any mention of the haunting anywhere else. The town is so small, perhaps it is a community that doesn’t like to talk about any paranormal events.

Has the ghost gone away or is the town guarding its secrets? Was it an intelligent haunting, or just a residual of something that happened in the past? What are your thoughts?

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Curiouser, and Curiouser

To quote little Alice, Things are getting “curiouser, and curiouser” around here. My unseen friends made two appearances last night. Once for me, and once for my husband.

Last night, while rinsing conditioner out of my hair, I noticed a shadow cross along the shower curtain. I thought my husband came in the bathroom. I even said something to him. When I didn’t get a response, I pulled the curtain aside, and discovered an empty bathroom.

After dressing and returning to our bedroom, I found my husband in bed watching TV. I told him what I saw, and he told me he saw something as well. He said he swore he saw something walk by our bedroom door while I was still showering.

Talk about eyebrow-raising occurences. I am going to try to contact whatever it or they are. Hopefully, I’ll have something to report back.

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Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located in Morrison, CO, is a world-renowned natural amphitheatre. It is one of the most beautiful places for outdoor concerts; the sound is great! Many believe, along with being an entertainment venue, it is haunted.

Red Rocks has a rich history for hauntings. There is the spirit of a man who haunts the amphitheatre itself and is most often seen beyond the rails in the “restricted” areas. He is most often described as wearing prospector garb. That is believable considering Colorado’s long mining history. I have heard he isn’t a friendly ghost. I have not encountered him myself, so I can’t say one way or the other what this spirit’s disposition may be.

What I find the most interesting is the stories of the ghosts at the Trading Post . The location has all the classic elements of a haunt. Footsteps, cold spots, moving objects, and a general feeling of creepiness all happen at the Trading Post. Whatever lurks there isn’t dangerous as far as employees are concerned. I think the spirits that hang around the Trading Post are mischievous at worst and curious at best. Maybe they just want to let others know they are there.

Here is a link to a news story about the Trading Post at Red Rocks:

Is Red Rocks Haunted?

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A Ghost Story to Wrap Up the Week

It’s Friday, so I’ll share a personal ghost story of mine to wrap up the week.

A few years ago, some really strange things started happening in my house. It started with my husband seeing “shadow people” early in the morning while he was getting ready for work. Sometimes he would see them out of the corner of his eye, but he saw one most often straight on in our dining room as he came up the stairs every morning.

It wasn’t long before I started seeing them too. The shadow people aren’t threatening or anything, but they are quite surprising when you aren’t expecting to see them! I saw one all the time by the front door. It wasn’t very tall, was pitch black, and only seemed to have a head and shoulders; the rest of the body was blob like without any real form.

Now, if the shadow people were the only thing that happened, I wouldn’t be writing this now. There are people who argue that “shadow people” aren’t ghosts or even paranormal. Soon enough, other things started happening.

It was summer time and my husband and I were in the kitchen making dinner while our children were playing in the backyard. A scuffling noise came from the bathroom. I went to check it out. I thought maybe one of the kids managed to sneak by us and were messing around in the bathroom. I walked down the hallways prepared to chase one of our munchkins back down the hall, but when I got to the bathroom, the light was on and the cabinet doors above the toilet were wide open.

I know the light was off and the doors were shut just minutes before, because I had just helped one of the kids go to the bathroom (we were in the midst of potty training at the time.) I was the one who turned of the light, and nobody messes with the cabinet until I open it to get tooth brushes and tooth paste at the end of the day when I help the kids through their bedtime routine.

I made my husband double-check all the kids were still outside and then I showed him the bathroom. He thought it was strange, but not scary or anything. We went back to the kitchen to get back to dinner. As we walked into the kitchen, the door to our dishwasher opened. Again, I know it was latched shut, because I was leaning against it before I went to see what was going on in the bathroom. That was the end of the activity for the day.

Over the next few days, there was more shadow people seen by my husband and myself, but nothing really noteworthy happened.

The next week, I had enough. My middle son started crying about monster who shook his bed every night. He has never been a monster-under-the-bed kid before. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he is afraid of anything. I’m OK with ghosts who want to play around with adults, but scare my kids and we can’t be friends anymore.

I don’t think we were dealing with a malevolent presence. I think it was just someone or something that was curious about us. I ended up getting mad the third night my son cried over the “monster” and told whatever it was it was no longer welcome in my house and to go away.

The activity stopped. My ghostly guest must have realized it over stayed its’ welcome.

As of this post, the activity has started up again. I am seeing things late at night again. Do you think my ghostly friends are back, or is it just my imagination?

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is an 80 acre slice of greenery in the heart of Denver. It is perfect for jogging, leisurely walks, picnics, or even just a nice place to spread a blanket under a tree and enjoy a good book. Now, what could any of this possibly have to do with ghosts? Well, Cheesman Park used to be known as Mount Prospect Cemetery.

The cemetery opened in 1858. Bodies rapidly piled in due to typhoid and other diseases common at the time. By 1893 the cemetery was closed and officials determined the land should be used as a park. Here’s where it gets dicey. Workers were paid by the body to dig up the graves and move them to other local cemeteries. Wokers were accused of making one body look like several, so they could get paid more. Remains left unclaimed by loved ones were left on the side of what is now 8th Ave.  The stories of how the dead were treated are ghastly. It is one of the more gruesome tales of Denver’s history.

Today, the park is supposedly a ghostly hot spot. I can understand why with the grotesque past. People report a sense of being watched or followed while walking in the park at night. Others have reported seeing mist like figures and hearing crying or footsteps.

Do you think disturbed grave sites could lead to a haunting?

The local news ran a story regarding Cheesman back in March 2011. Check it out!

Cheesman Park Video

Riverdale Road

While doing a little research on some of my favorite haunts this morning, I ran across stories about Riverdale Road. I thought it would be fun to share some of the claims about this stretch of pavement. I personally think the stories are all Urban Legends. I have driven the road late at night many times myself and never heard or saw anything.

Riverdale Road is located in Thornton, Colorado and is easily accessed from 104th. It runs along the edge of a couple of subdivisions, but is mostly in a rural area. Twisted Cottonwood trees stand along the edges of Riverdale like deformed sentries.  The road has several blind curves that are unsafe in bad weather. Riverdale Road is allegedly the home to one of Hell’s Gates, a phantom Camaro with one headlight out, ghosts of slaves, remnants of black magic and witchcraft, a ghost lady, phantom black dogs, ghost children, and the jogger of Jogger’s Hill.

Jogger’s Hill – Dirt Road just off Riverdale Road, although I think it has been developed.

The story says a car hit a jogger on a dirt road at the crest of the hill. The driver panicked and sped off and left the jogger to die. The jogger’s ghost haunts the area and tries to attack any motorist who parks at the crest of the hill to admire the view. If you want to see the jogger, you are supposed to park at the top of the hill late at night and turn off your headlights and engine. If you listen carefully,  you will hear the sound of someone running on the road somewhere behind your car. They will continue to come closer and closer. People have reported handprints on their windows, and banging noises on the sides and back of the car like someone is hitting or kicking it. You aren’t supposed to let the jogger come up to the driver side window or he will try to kill you, at least that’s how the legend goes.

Hell’s Gates – I’m still not entirely sure where this is located exactly since the story varies from person to person.

The Gates of Hell are supposedly along Riverdale Road. It is said unspeakable things happen there. I’m not so sure about this story, especially since some people say the Gates of Hell is actually a chicken coop. I’m not so sure chicken wire and eggs are the work of the Devil.

Phantom Camaro

The story says a black 70s Camaro wrecked along Riverdale Road back in the 70s. The driver perished in the wreckage, but his ghost remains. If you are driving late at night and come across a black Camaro with a headlight out, don’t, under any circumstances, race it! You will race to your death! This one sounds more like a cautionary tale about street racing if you ask me.

Ghost Lady

The ghost lady is supposed to appear alongside Riverdale Road dressed in white. If you stop to offer her a ride, she will accept, but disappear before she ever gets in the car.

Ghosts of Slaves

Allegedly, slaves in the area were tortured, abused and hanged on the farms surrounding Riverdale Road in the 1800s. If you look closely, you can see the bodies of the hanged slaves in the trees as you drive down the road. There are no records of slavery or abuse of slaves in the area that I have found.

As you can see, Riverdale Road is rich with local legends, and it can be a fun and spooky ride. I think the legends are just that; legends. I don’t think there is any real truth to any of the stories, but I will let you be the judge. Do you think Riverdale Road is really haunted?