Ghostly Visitors

Well, they’re back. My ghostly visitors have returned to my house. The activity isn’t alarming, but it’s steady. I know I can smudge my house with white sage to clean it out again, but I am curious what my visitors want, if anything. Are they just passing through? Do they come here for a reason? Are they lost? I plan to find out. They can stay as long as they don’t start scaring anyone! I’ll give you a rundown of what I’ve seen and experienced so far.

1. Shadow People

The shadow people are back. They’re in the living room and on the stairs. I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. They aren’t “scary” at all. It feels like they’re just watching.

2. Smells

My garage sometimes smells like pipe tobacco and that mildew-y moist smell of basements in humid climates. I live in the dry-as-bones suburbs of Denver, so the smell doesn’t make sense. Nobody in my household smokes a pipe. Neither do the neighbors. I am starting to believe my Grandfather is hanging around my garage. He died 16 years ago. He smoked a pipe and had a small room off the garage at his house in Maryland he called the Eagle’s Nest. It was his space that nobody was allowed in, unless they were invited. The Eagle’s Nest was his own private club house, and he spent a lot of time in there. Our garage smells exactly like his pipe and the funky smell of the Eagle’s Nest.

3. Stuff Moving Around

I’m not saying this points to ghosts, because I may be the most scatter-brained person on the planet, but small objects are moving around my house. Things like a pen I swore I left on the dining room table just a minute ago turns up in the basement on the floor. Objects on the kitchen counter are all moved just a bit. Not enough to be very noticeable, but enough for me to have the feeling that something isn’t quite right.

4.  Ball of Light

Now this one is my biggest experience to date. I was in bed watching TV late one Saturday night. My husband was in bed and already asleep. There was a flash of light to my right (my hubby’s side of the bed) and when I looked over, it was like the beam from a flashlight about two feet above the bed by the wall. There isn’t anything reflective for the light of the TV to bounce off of, and all the lights in our room were turned out. I actually jumped out of bed and turned on the overhead light. The ball of light gave me the willys! That was a couple of weeks ago, and I haven’t seen it since. I hope whatever that was decides to stay out of my room from now on!

What do you think? Can you explain away any of these experiences?