Third Bridge (Ghost Bridge)

This is one of those stories that begs the question: Does the ghost story make the ghost, or does the ghost make the ghost story?

The Third Bridge is out on County Line Rd., east of Aurora. To me, the surroundings around the bridge are creepy. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by twisted old Cottonwood (I think?) trees. There are a couple of houses nearby, but it feels like you are the only person alive out there. I was there in the middle of the day when I drove out to check it out, and it may be my urban roots showing, but I was unnerved by the silence.

The original story of the Third Bridge is that of a Native American massacre. It is said one can hear drums that get louder the longer you sit on the bridge. There are also stories af a ghost rider in the trees or riding along the bridge. I can’t find any information to support either of those stories, but that doesn’t stop people from driving out there looking for a cheap thrill.

The desire to see the ghost rider and hear the drums is what may have caused the real tragedy at the Third Bridge. In June, 1997 a horrific car accident happened on the bridge. Two cars, holding 15 teens and one pre-teen between the two of them, raced into the night to go see the area. The first car crested the hill, lost control and smashed into the guard rail. The driver of the second car, after seeing the first car wreck, tried to stop, but accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the break. They also lost control and smashed into a tree. In the end, two teens were killed and the driver of the first car is permanently disabled.

The Third Bridge or Ghost Bridge is primed for a haunting after the horrific tragedy to happened there in the summer of 1997. I don’t know whether or not it is actually haunted, because I have not spent much time out there. What do you think? Do the ghosts of those teenagers still hang around the bridge? Are there really any Native American spirits? What about the ghost rider? If the bridge is indeed haunted, it is doing a good job keeping its’ secrets.


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