Littleton Elks Lodge


The lodge floor where footsteps are often heard

The lodge floor where footsteps are often heard

The Littleton Elks Lodge is full of paranormal stories. From footsteps, to noises, voices to apparitions, this place has it all.

I recently visited the lodge and a few of its members to collect some stories. The members I spoke with wish to remain anonymous, so I will refer to them as Member 1, Member 2, etc.

Member 1 often comes to the Elks Lodge in the morning to work in the office before it is open for the day. They are usually the first person to show up. On more than one occasion, Member 1 has heard someone walking through the lounge and dining room areas. When they go look to see who’s there, they can’t find anyone and the lodge is still empty. The noise heard is distinctly the sound of footsteps. So much so, that Member 1 thought it was a bartender showing up early.

Member 2 was cleaning up the lounge a couple of months ago when something whistled at her. She says it was like someone was trying to get her attention. There was nobody else in the lounge or dining area at the time. Member 2 has also heard footsteps coming from the lodge floor (where official meetings are held) upstairs when nobody else is there.

The door to the back stairwell

The door to the back stairwell

A door at the far end of the lodge floor is sometimes found open with no explanation. That doorway leads to a seldom used stairwell that leads back to the lounge area. Much of the activity seems to center around the lodge floor. Other member have heard footsteps and voices. Member 2, along with other members have witnessed light coming from the windows of the lodge floor when nobody is supposed to be up there. When someone goes to check, the lights are off and the room is silent.


Windows on lodge floor

Windows on lodge floor

View of lodge floor windows from dining area

View of lodge floor windows from dining area

Member 3 works in the bar and has the most intriguing story of all. He was closing up the bar a few weeks ago. The bar has a service window on the back wall that opens to a view of the dining area. The dining area has two levels, and is a fairly large area. As member 3 was returning bottles to their proper place, and cleaning up, he glanced out the service window into the dining area. He saw an apparition on the balcony of the upper level of the dining area. It seemed lit up and was not a shadow. It had its own light coming from within it. This spooked Member 3 so much that he didn’t finish cleaning the bar that night and didn’t want to come back to work again. The other bartenders convinced him to continue working at the lodge, but Member 3 refuses to be the one to close the bar at night.


Balcony in dining area where apparition was seen

The Littleton Elks Lodge is in an old building and full of dusty, unused corners. I did not experience anything myself on the day I visited, but I did come across an opened window in the back stairwell connecting the basement to the lounge. That alone isn’t that strange, but the window opened into another wall. An addition was added at some point in the building’s history, and there was no reason for that window to be open. Ever. The member giving me a tour of the lodge was surprised the window was open, as they had never seen it open before.

Random open window in back stairwell

Random open window in back stairwell

While I wasn’t lucky enough to experience anything, this building lends itself to the feeling of being watched. Personally speaking, it felt something there was holding its breath to see what I might do. Where I might look, what I might find.

I would like to visit this location sometime again in the future to see if it still feels the same way to me.

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The Ghost Boy

cabin2This story came to me from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

A few years ago, a young man moved out of his parent’s house to live on his own for the first time. He rented a cozy one bedroom cabin in Conifer. The cabin had just been refinished by the owners, so everything was new and fresh. The young man loved the cabin and moved in with his dog.

Like many homes in the area, the cabin was on a fairly large lot without close neighbors. The young man liked how quiet it was with just him and his dog after long days of working in the city. He told me the cabin was great at first. Soon enough, something strange began to happen.

The young man would sit on the couch and watch TV or play video games most evenings. He began noticing something moving out of the corner of his eye. At first he thought it was just a trick of the light coming from the TV. Then he thought maybe it had something to do with his vision. He always saw a flicker of movement in the same place, and it never happened anywhere else besides the cabin.

One night, the young man was startled awake. It was the middle of the night, and something (he had no idea what) woke him from a dead sleep in his bedroom. He sat up, looked around, and didn’t immediately notice anything out of place. Then he noticed the figure in the doorway. It was the size of a boy around eight or so. The young man turned on the lights and jumped out of bed. Of course, the figure he saw was no where to be found.

The young man didn’t see anything again for several months. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he ended up moving back home with his parents again. The boy-sized figure appeared to the young man at his parent’s house. He saw it move across the living room and dining room on a regular basis. It always stayed as a black shadow with no defining features until late one night. The young  man saw the figure out of the corner of his eye while watching TV as he had so many times before. However, this time, the figure leaned into the light as if it were trying to get a better look at the screen. The young man was able to make out the figure’s facial features. It was, in fact, the face of a young boy. He looked from the screen to the young man before disappearing.

The young man has since moved to an apartment in Lakewood with his fiancée. Their first night in the new place, both the young man and his fiancée woke in the middle of the night to see the same figure that had been following the young man for years standing in the doorway.

There hasn’t been any activity in the last month or so, but the young man thinks it’s just a matter of time before he sees the ghost boy again.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Share your story in the comments.

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Curiouser, and Curiouser

To quote little Alice, Things are getting “curiouser, and curiouser” around here. My unseen friends made two appearances last night. Once for me, and once for my husband.

Last night, while rinsing conditioner out of my hair, I noticed a shadow cross along the shower curtain. I thought my husband came in the bathroom. I even said something to him. When I didn’t get a response, I pulled the curtain aside, and discovered an empty bathroom.

After dressing and returning to our bedroom, I found my husband in bed watching TV. I told him what I saw, and he told me he saw something as well. He said he swore he saw something walk by our bedroom door while I was still showering.

Talk about eyebrow-raising occurences. I am going to try to contact whatever it or they are. Hopefully, I’ll have something to report back.

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Heritage Square

Heritage Square, located in Golden, is a neat shopping village/amusement park designed for families. It’s the home of the Alpine Slide and the Heritage Square Music Hall. It may also be home to a ghost or two. There doesn’t seem to be much solid evidence to suggest a haunting, but there are many stories.

Star Crossed Lovers

The most popular story is of a young man falling in love with a Native American girl. Her tribe passed through the area and the man fell instantly in love. Tribe elders forbid the girl from seeing the young man. The story comes to its tragic end when the young man chases after the tribe in a horse-drawn wagon, and ends up dying. It is unknown whether his death was an accident, or if the story has a more sinister ending. People report hearing the sound of galloping hoofbeats and hearing a male’s voice yelling for someone to wait.

Orbs and EVPs

One of my favorite local paranormal groups investigated Heritage Square years ago (early 2000s maybe?) and used to have their findings of their investigations posted on their website. Unfortunately, they have overhauled their site and all the evidence of their old investigations was removed. I remember them having a few cool orb pictures and one disturbing EVP. It sounded like a little boy. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

Spider Mansion

While you may not be able to catch a real ghost out at Heritage Square, you can definitely get scared. Spider Mansion is the haunted house open every October on the property. It’s not the most chilling haunted house out there, but it’s not shabby.

Final Thoughts

I believe there may be some sort of paranormal activity at Heritage Square, but I don’t necessarily believe the Native American/pioneer love story. It stinks of an urban legend to me. What do you think?